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While different in terms of storyline and precise gameplay, all of the different races' campaigns are structured similarly.Each begins with a level involving simple mechanics to introduce the player to the race and the basic elements of their hero and units.The Mask is removed from areas that have been explored, but those that are no longer within sight range of an allied unit or building are instead covered with the fog of war; though terrain remains visible, changes such as enemy troop movements and building construction are unseen.During a game, players must establish settlements to gain resources, defend against other players, and train units to explore the map and attack computer controlled foes.Players can create free accounts in regional "gateways," which helps reduce lag; these are Azeroth (U. Examples of common custom games include Risk Devolution, Island Defense, Legion Tower Defense, and the famous Defense of the Ancients.

Heroes can also utilize the various natural resources found throughout the map, such as controllable non-player characters, and markets in which the hero can purchase usable items.s campaign mode is broken up into five campaigns (including an optional prologue), each featuring a different race which the player controls (2 Orc campaigns, 1 Human, 1 Undead, and 1 Night Elf). Unlike previous Blizzard titles, such as Warcraft II or Star Craft, players are not directed to mission briefings in which plot exposition occurs and objectives are announced; rather, Warcraft III uses a system of "seamless quests." Some plot development happens in an occasional cinematic, but most occurs in-game with cutscenes.

There are three main resources that are managed in Warcraft III: gold, lumber, and food.

Besides having advantages or disadvantages for certain races, at night most creeps fall asleep, making nighttime scouting safer; however, the line of sight for most units is also reduced.

Through each race's campaign, the player retains control of one or more heroes, which slowly grow in experience as the levels progress.

This experience is carried over to subsequent missions, allowing the hero to grow throughout the course of the campaign.

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