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The film ostensibly deals with the sexual awakening of a teenage girl, though the way director Jaromil Jires goes about this is extremely complex yet effortlessly captivating, and very enjoyable to boot.

It takes in a variety of dazzling psycho-sexual concepts drawn from religion and mythological folklore which come off as both inextricably modern and deeply provocative still.

Photography, sets, costumes and make-up are all wonderful (if obviously done on a low budget) - and the accompanying choral music is beautiful indeed, almost ethereal. rights, as I would love to see it get a much-deserved renaissance on DVD.

The by-now deleted Redemption PAL tape presented the film in a full-screen format (I'm not sure if this is the correct ratio or not); the print was far from pristine but perfectly acceptable for an obscure item such as this. I cannot say whether VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS was actually a one-off for this Czech film-maker, as I know very little about his other work.

In this way, it would seem to cater to the tastes of practically every broad-minded film-goer one can think of (be it art-house, horror or erotica), though it is arguable how well-known this film really is – which is a pity.

The only Jaromil Jires film available anywhere at the moment is THE JOKE (1969), by way of a reportedly substandard edition from Facets Video on VHS and DVD.

Valerie a týden divů bývá označována za poslední filmový opus tzv.

české vlny, díky které má i dnes česká kinematografie obrovské celosvětové renomé.

Ostatně, hlavní tvůrčí osobností filmu je výtvarnice Ester Krumbachová, spjatá právě s filmem 2. let, která krom zcela fenomenální výtvarné složky pro Valerii a týden divů napsala i původní scénář.

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