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You know what you want in bed and won't stop until you get it* (*it being your orgasm). You're satisfied with whatever position you're in..kicker being that you need a little kink mixed in.Blindfolds, handcuffs, S&M—it's all fair game. It's so erotic, you're fine being the dominatrix or the dominated. As the name suggests, you're "half human, half horse" (not biologically, of course) but you have a free spirit similar to wild animals, says Kiki.

Foreplay drives you wild and the longer it goes on for, the stronger your orgasm tends to be. You're in the perfect place to jump from the wall to a kitchen counter or the couch.

You're quick, domineering, and aggressive, which means you like to take charge between the sheets. Might we suggest dripping a little hot wax on your partner (or yourself) to up the play.

Sometimes you can be a little ego-driven and focus more on your pleasure than your partner's. As a Taurus, you prefer sensual intercourse and performing go-to (but not basic) moves—not because they're "easy" but because you're used to them.

But when things start to heat up, your animalistic and primitive nature comes out. Ask your partner to pull you in extra close—you thrive off the intimacy.

You also like to read the emotions emitting from their facial expressions.

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Out of the rest of the signs, you're probably the most romantic. Intimate, personal, body contact—everything a Pisces could hope for. Before stepping into the utensil position, you love acting out your fantasies to get in the mood.

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