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Documents related to the ownership of real estate within the district are recorded at the Registry of Deeds.

Recorded documents are assigned a sequential identifying number (known as the book and page number) and are then scanned into the registry's computer system.

In 1855, those documents were copied into a separate set of books for each town in the district.

Marginal References: We have entered all marginal references in books 1 through 4216 in a separate database.

Each recorded instrument has its own unique book and page reference at the top of the document’s first page. For viewing and printing, click any of the documents. Please note that the above is not a substitute from a full title exam by a qualified title examiner and should not be relied upon for any purchase, sale or refinance transactions.

Even with the proliferation of electronic records, the book and page reference is still in operation in Massachusetts. By Property Address A newer functionality, you can also search by street address. The details will appear on the right side of the search page. A statutory title certification covers a 50 year period and also checks bankruptcy and probate records. ______________________________________________ Tagged as: How to search MA property records, How to search Mass property records, How to search Mass.

To assist customers in finding relevant documents, registries create a searchable index that contains the names of all parties to a document and the property address.In my experience, however, the results are often inaccurate so I would not rely on this search method. land records, Massachusetts online registry deeds search, Massachusetts Registry of Deeds, post: Real Estate Industry Braces For Another Overhaul Of HUD-1 Settlement Statement And Truth-In-Lending (TIL) Disclosures Next post: Lawmakers To The Rescue?Record Books containing our older Recorded Land documents (book 1 to book 2789), plus higher numbered books that are missing from "Search Land Records." Images in this section are retrievable by book and page number only as single page images - you must separately retrieve each page of a multipage document.You may also order a copy of your deed through the mail.Boards of Assessors depend on the Registry to furnish them with copies of all property transfers and related matters to enable them to keep municipal ownership records up to date.

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Click on the letter that your town name begins with to find the correct Registry of Deeds Office.

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