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"We already show them how to put a condom on a banana at school," the nurse told me.

Only one penis that I know of has come into our house this way, but there may be more. I'll be blunt: the penis I saw was at full attention. Your child, he said, should be writing nothing that you can't read "while standing over their shoulders." Has this man ever met a teenager?I'm sure they're good idea, but I'm sorry, I just don't want to know what they are. "All the studies show that kids who have all of the information well in advance of having sex--and a lot of them start when they're fifteen--will make better choices," the nurse said to me. I have a crazy parental urge to say to him, Don't you kids listen when the grown-ups tell you not to give strangers any information? You'd probably tag along after a man who tells you he has a hurt puppy in his car! Or has some online catalog found her and is going to charge her for something she didn't order? It's an amateur close-up, and you can see it's been taken in a bathroom--you can see floor tiles, and a what looks like a used towel on the floor, and a partial view of two large-cupped bras hanging from hooks on the back of a closed door. " in their friends' yearbooks instead of "Luv ya, babe! " They have so much Sex Education that they each brought home three condoms right before summer vacation this year. After my baby showed me the condoms, I ran into the woman who is our school nurse and sex educator. --why, since I get emails from school every day about the next bake sale and the year-end gift for the teachers and the many unclaimed items in the lost and found, why, if these things are deemed important enough to stuff my email Inbox with, why did sending my child home with condoms merit not one email message?

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