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His cock was rock hard and I swallowed it as deep as I could. I squeezed it one more time and got the final drop out of him and greedily licked it off the tip of his cock but not before I wrapped my tongue around his shaft and sensitive cock head a few more times. As soon as I entered, I saw what Sean had been doing. " I said emphasizing the 'have', "I want your cock bad! If he said coke would make sex better, I wanted to find out.

He had one hand on the back of my head and was pulling on my hair. You don't even bother to resist because you know you are a cock sucker through and through now. On a small mirror, Sean had laid out some cocaine and was chopping up some lines. It wasn't just the coke that was hitting me, it was the idea of what I was doing - how taboo it was with the drugs and man-to-man sex and soon to be man-to-man-to-man sex. We fell onto the bed and continued our making out as we rubbed ourselves together and tried to touch every part of each other.

I started to moan and tried to pull my ass apart more. I had one of my hands clutching the sheets and my other hand was over my head now, grabbing a pillow. I am going to ride you hard." "Do you want me to lube us up? " I felt so close to cumming and my whole body felt so sexed up.

This is a longer one but Chapter 5 will follow quickly...enjoy! He continued to call me a fag and a queer and a cocksucker.

I looked down at him and he was now licking it directly off of me. I could smell and taste my ass on him, but I didn't care. Sean let my load drop into my mouth and I licked his tongue trying to score every bit of my seed from his mouth.

Sean started to rub my load into my stomach before scooping some up and eating it. He sucked up a big pool of my cream that had landed just below my belly button and came up over my mouth to share a kiss with me. My legs were still spread apart and we started to kiss. " I had one hand on his ass and one hand on his cock.

His ass felt like it swallowed my cock when he took his hit. I went home that night filled with a mix of anxiety and excitement. Now." I grabbed under my knees and pulled them to my chest. Our precum was smeared all over our stomachs and I was leaking like a sieve while Sean played with my ass.

Luckily, my girlfriend was out late at a work function and thus I didn't have to worry about her sensing my stress as I was already asleep when she came home that night.

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I still wanted pussy, but now it seemed I had more options; however, when I went to bed that night I dreamed about cock.

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