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Looking around the Internet I notice that "Varjokuvastin" seems to be the audience favourite. I'm going to guess that it's because the languid tone, mated with voluptuous little sighs, suggests sex. It must be easy to think of this kind of music (freakfolk, Finnish psyche, call it what you will) as self-indulgent, the work of self-appointed mystics who don't have the discipline necessary for a lucid three-minute pop song, but Islaja's work here is shapely and concise.

As I listen to it now, I realise that "Sydänten Ahmija" must have been the song that made me think that the album was a piece of freeform jazz, because it brings in a jazz saxophone that starts strongly and later begins to stagger and blurt while scratchy female voices scream. In "Pysähtyneet Planeetat ", they whistle while squeaking baby toys make whiskery noises.

He is a musician, film-maker and the head of Fonal Records.

To date he has released five full length albums under the name Es and has played in various bands including Kiila, Kemialliset Ystävät and Tuusanuuskat.

I was able to cope to the whole movie, but let's say it wasn't easy at all. or see survivors keeping as gold what is taken nowadays as granted: supermarket plastic bags... When I found out my local video store had a copy of this film, I rushed to get it, as I was impatient to see this movie I have heard so much about.

I can still hear in my head the yells of the panicked citizens as the mushroom cloud rises in the distance when it hits Crewe... or the corpse (which bears a striking resemblance with E. The impatience to see the movie was rewarded by nothing more than a really bad aftertaste of radioactive fallout.

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