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Again it has been associated with the volitional side of our nature, as in the phrases "to mind" and "to have a mind to effect something".

Still when restricted to a particular faculty the general tendency has been to identify mind with the cognitive and more especially with the intellectual powers.

The dispute is probably, at least in part, grounded on differences of definition.

If, however, the mind be identified with the soul, and if the latter be allowed to be the principle of vegetative life, there can be no valid reason for denying that the principle of our mental life may be also the subject of unconscious activities.

However, the spread of the positivist or phenomenalist view of the science of psychology has resulted in a very widely adopted identification of mind merely with the conscious states, ignoring any principle or subject to which these states belong.

The mind in this sense is only the sum of the conscious processes or activities of the individual with their special modes of operating.

The lower animals do not possess minds in any sense; they are for him mere machines.

An early usage in English connects the word mind closely with memory, as in the sentence "to bear in mind".

That is, in this usage mind designates the soul as the source of conscious life, feeling, thought, and volition, abstraction being made from the vegetative functions.

Mind adequately conceived must thus be held to include the subject or agent along with states or activities, and it should be the business of a complete science of mind to investigate both.

All our rational knowledge of the nature of the mind must be derived from the study of its operations.

That all forms of mental life, perception thought, feeling, and volition are profoundly affected in character by nervous processes and by vital activities, which do not emerge into the strata of conscious life, seems to be indisputably established.

Whether however, unconscious processes which affect conclusions of the intellect and resolutions of the will, but are in themselves quite unconscious, should be called mental states, or conceived as acts of the mind, has been keenly disputed.

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Consequently metaphysical or rational psychology logically follows empirical or phenomenal psychology.

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