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After seeing my family video comprised of my wife, child, and I playing together, someone had the courage to send me a question about interracial dating, stating a harsh fact about how black men and white women are 4x more likely to break up, with the white woman left as a single mother with a black baby. First off, I'd really like to thank this person (whom I won't name), because that really took guts to ask me a question like that.They didn't call themselves trying to insult me; they just presented a harsh fact and asked a question about it from what I could tell to be genuine curiosity and interest.The term "house negro" comes from the fact that the light-skins were often treated more like family than the dark-skins and often allowed to even sleep in the house.Meanwhile, the dark-skins most often had to stay outside, toiling in the heat and suffering more than the light-skins.

This involved me digitally infiltrating both extreme left and extreme right groups with the use of both my real accounts and fake accounts, in order to gain qualitative data from different reactions that I'd witness as an observer.

No, I would absolutely to talk about the controversial stuff, so here goes.

You probably know that I'm also an award-winning corporate marketing strategist; I've won two awards in global Internet marketing strategies and online campaign development.

Yet, at the same time, you will see many light-skins who just have wavy hair, light skin, and multicolored eyes often be thought of as weak, or be generally disrespected in the culture.

The rivalry is based upon a mixture of envy and resentment, because they are considered to be closer to the white man, who is the enemy and oppressor, as well as other feelings of resentment for the perceived unfairness of life.

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I cannot stress enough that this is the short version; there's more to it than this.

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